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Fort worth area psychological association

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Executive Committee 2022



Dr. Smith-Vaughan is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience providing psychological assessment and therapy for high risk child, adolescent, and adult populations. He first began working with high risk adjudicated youth in Rhode Island followed by working in conjunction with the courts in Detroit, Michigan. Subsequently, he worked with incarcerated adult offenders. These experiences presented Dr. Smith-Vaughan the opportunity to work with a diversity of disorders and patient presentations. Since 2017, he has been working in a private practice setting near Fort Worth that serves patients from both rural and urban environments who present with a wide array of psychological concerns.  

Dr. Smith-Vaughan has a B.A. in Psychology from Brandeis University in Massachusetts and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Detroit Mercy. Additionally, his practice and training includes evaluation and assessment of psychological and neurological disorders.

Dr. Smith-Vaughan has lived portions of his life in England, Nicaragua, and the United States. Drawing from his earlier life experiences, he believes that one key to progress and growth resides in being open to novel and culturally unique experiences. Dr. Smith-Vaughan plans to ensure that FWAPA members have the opportunity to experience relevant and current continuing education experiences and hopes that his boundless energy and receptive disposition may be of service as FWAPA navigates the shifting landscape of mental health services in Texas.

Past president/ current treasurer Dr. Kathleen Cantrell

Dr. Kathleen Cantrell opened her own private practice in June 2018 (Enduring Hope Psychological Services) where she works with children (age 8+), adolescents, and adults. She left her full-time position as a Licensed Psychologist at Cook Children's Medical Center in February 2019. Her primary role at Cook was psychological testing and therapy with children and adolescents.

Dr. Cantrell earned her Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Stetson University in Florida. She immediately pursued her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kentucky. After taking six years to work as a Career Counselor/Trainer, she returned to school at the University of Denver to complete her doctorate in Counseling Psychology. At that time, her focus was Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

When her first son was born with significant disabilities, life took a dramatic shift. Following her Pre-Doctoral Internship at the Texas Woman's University Counseling Center, she took time off to work with her son. With the focus of wanting to help others, she became involved with The Arc of Greater Tarrant County as a parent leader of the Our Special Children parent group. She was then voted onto the Board of Directors, and in 2004, became the Executive Director of the Arc. She remained in that position until she left to complete her dissertation which was completely revamped to focus on Mothers of Children with Intellectual Disabilities. Following her graduation in 2007, she became a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Cook Children's Medical Center. This position evolved into a full-time Licensed Psychologist position. She worked with Cook for over 11 years.


Dr. Susan Gifford

Dr. Susan Gifford is a licensed psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice. Dr Gifford sees children ages 5 and older, adolescents, and adults, married couples and families. After studying science for three years at SMU, both biology and chemistry, she then fell in love with psychology her fourth year. She was enthralled by the way people develop and grow. Dr. Gifford loved seeing the changes people can make if someone teaches them new skills on how to think and feel differently and to interact with others in a better way. She works to create the relationships built with her patients, which over time has maintained for several generations. Dr Gifford chose clinical psychology because it allows her to best integrate her scientific background with the newest most effective cognitive approaches to help others fulfill their desired potential. She obtained her BS and MA at SMU. She then went to UNT and finished her doctorate in clinical psychology. Since then, she has completed her Master’s in Psychopharmacology (FICPP). Now she is working on another Master’s at NEI and at Harvard Medical School.

Dr Gifford lived most of her young life in Abilene, Texas on a ranch her grandparents owned and with her parents in the DFW area. She is one of two children. “I am blessed with a loving family. My grandparents and parents were married longer than fifty years. My husband and I have achieved that goal as well! We have one daughter and two granddaughters. Though I worked in research and published during my graduate school years at Southern Methodist University and the University of North Texas, my passion has always been clinical psychology and helping people change to meet their own goals. I also seek to serve the Lord with my faith and all my heart. I have been published, been a public presenter at local and national events, and have broadcast on radio and television. I live in Tarrant County – and enjoy time with family and friends. I enjoy scuba diving, china painting, and travel. I am active in community service and church with sincere thankfulness and love to God for all that I have been given in life.”