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Practice and Research in Psychology

  • 11 Feb 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Virtual Meeting
  • 47


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Practice, Theory, and Ethics in Psychology

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Presented by:

Gerald Young, Ph.D. of

Glendon College, York University 


Hour 1

1.To describe psychological injuries and the difficulties in assessing them

2.To know common symptom validity tests (SVTs) and their relevant scales

3.To be able to list common interpretations for SVT scales that reach thresholds indicative of negative impression management

4.To describe malingering, feigning, etc., and common algorithms for their detection

5.To know the Daubert legal criteria

6.To know how they can be improved in application to court 

Hour 2

7.To examine the APA ethics code principles and how they can be revised

8.To examine a developmentally informed ethics in mental health work

9.To understand a network/ systems approach to causality

10.To examine a new approach for treatment related to causality

11.To view causality as a unifying factor in psychology 

Hour 3

12.To view an inclusive stage model of development

13.To examine the socio-affective steps in the model

14.To consider ethics globally, e.g., in research ethics, informed consent, ethics and law in children

15.To consider whether there should be a patient bill of right

February 11, 2022

Event Time: 1-4 pm

Location: The comfort of your home or office

Method: You will be sent instructions and a link to connect to the meeting by the morning of February 11, 2022 prior to the event.

Continuing Education: Hours awarded will be determined by how long you stay connected to the meeting.

Certificates will be e-mailed to participants.

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